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Isukii greens electric vehicle is growing to reach you in every city. With growing dealership stores in India, we aim to get closer to you to serve better. Starting on from northern India, we aim to cover all India by attaining higher milestones to reach each and every city, town and villages of India. With our latest technology and wide-focused product range, we aim to be a part in green revolution of mobility.

The demand for electric vehicles are the top in the history. Various reasons are been the backbone of this demand-

  • Low running cost- running cost of electric vehicles are comparatively low than internal combustion vehicles. We can say , it is one-tenth cost than IC engine vehicles.
  • Newer technology- As technology is getting better day by day, the quality of EVs are churning to. Its driving range, speed, functioning are getting better.
  • Reliable- With better built quality , better batteries, Isukii scooter becomes your reliable support. You can rely for safe, better, and powerful riding experience.
  • Availability of electricity- No matter it is village, town, or cities, government is facilitating electricity supply everywhere, with 16-22 hours supply it is plenty to get vehicle charged.
  • NO noise-air pollution- EVs neither emit carbon nor makes noise which makes a better experience for future too. Sustainability of resources have increased.

Isukii greens EV stores are increasing presence all over India. We are inviting dealership from all over India to making way for largest channel supply.

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